I’ve known Pam Rhodes for many years, and she has been involved in three of my four birth experiences.

Pam assisted with my second birth, the primary V-Bac birth of our daughter Hillary in November of 1989.  Hillary was the first VBAC at Waupun Memorial Hospital. Pam was my breathing coach and guardian. Pam was informed and interacted well with the hospital staff to insure my wishes were met within the realm of safety. In fact, had she not informed me of certain medical information which I passed on to my physician and he researched, I would never have been able to be the first successful VBAC at Waupun Memorial. She was always perfectly in tune when a contraction came on and helped me through that. I had a very controlled birth, and a spiritual experience.

In 1991, our son Caleb was born at home through an unplanned sequence of events. Pam was once again going to coach me at Waupun Hospital (which was a half an hour away), but my water broke and I things progressed very quickly and I knew I wouldn’t make it. I told Pam she would have to help deliver the baby. Though we hadn’t prepared for it, I had full confidence that Pam could do it. Another seasoned midwife just happened to stop by with some herbs Pam had ordered for me, and came in with her emergency kit after my neighbor said, “Oh, I wouldn’t go in there. Pam is having her baby.” This was my first home birth and my husband and I thought it was great!

In 2002, we had a planned home birth. At one point during the labor, I would lie on the couch between contractions, then stand when a contraction came on. As I stood for one contraction, my water broke and the baby literally slid into Pam’s hands. Our son Trevin was born. I did not care for the standing position to deliver.

Pam has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She researches information, and is sensitive to mothers’ and their babies. I thank the Lord for such a talented and gifted friend and midwife. PL