I believe women are created to conceive, carry, labor, deliver, and nurture their children. It is innate for us to do this; with proper guidance, reassurance, and support we can – mostly without intervention. Women deserve honest caregivers who respectfully offer comprehensive care and in some cases a bit of education. I received my CPM credential in March of 2008 and my Wisconsin license in April of 2008. I maintain certification in Adult CPR, and I complete the NRP (Neonatal Resusitation Program) every two years. Workshops that I’ve attended include suturing, IV placement, estimating blood loss, record keeping, breastfeeding, Midwifery Law & Ethics, and a 2 day ALSO course (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics). My education is ongoing. I want every woman I serve to feel like she and her baby are the most important things to me while I care for them -because they are. As a midwife I would love to have a large practice with lots of clients, but I don’t want to lose the small practice feel and the dedicated time I share with my clients.
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