Being pregnant with my first child, I was unsure what to expect from my birthing experience. We had made the decision to have a home birth because I suffer from scoliosis and wanted the opportunity to birth in whatever position was comfortable. We chose a midwife, took a birthing class and felt prepared. When I awoke at 5:20 with a contraction, I knew what was supposed to happen. I called the midwife at 6:30 just to give her heads up that today was the day. She was on her way to Madison for a conference and said she would see me later that day. At 7am, contractions started coming one on top of the other. They were a very steady intense 1 minute long and 3 minutes apart. My husband called our midwife again, and she called her partner, Pam, who rushed to be with us. When she arrived I was relieved.  It was God’s hand that brought Pam to us. I was already feeling the urge to push and Pam realized that Ella was a little crooked. She went about calmly suggesting different positions while keeping a close eye on Ella’s heartbeat. She encouraged my husband and we had the utmost confidence in her. After several positions, Pam smiled at me and said, “I know I have been telling you not to push, but now it is time.” At 12:20pm Pam handed me our little girl.

Pam was amazing! Even though, we had only met her once previously, she made us completely at ease. She knew just how to be present when we needed her. She had everything to do with the peaceful, loving environment Ella was born into. She let us spend precious time with our girl and when we were ready she did post partum care. Never did I feel rushed. We could not have asked for a better birth experience.  I recommend her to anyone wanting a peaceful, loving birth. H&GS