I met Pam during my second pregnancy acting as my primary midwife’s assistant.  She was kind and helpful.  When I became pregnant again, I found out that my midwife was going to be on vacation the month surrounding my due date.  She suggested I call Pam and so I did.  We never regretted our decision to allow Pam to be my primary midwife for my third pregnancy, second home birth.  Pam was very thorough and knowledgeable about almost everything that came up during the pregnancy.  The times when she was “stumped”, she quickly found out the answer and got back to me.  She took all my questions, worries, and symptoms (and, yes, even paranoia) seriously.  Her follow-up postnatal care was great.  Even though everything went well during the delivery, I was a little nervous for several weeks after this birth and her attentiveness to my concerns alleviated my anxiety.  God used her faith to help my husband and me to easily transition to having her as my new midwife.  Thank you Pam. CF